• Do you do henna tattoos?  Yes, but I prefer to call it body art.  The history behind traditional tattooing and henna is worlds apart!
  • Where are you located? Do you have a shop?  I’m currently taking personal appointments at my home studio in North Florida.  I can also travel to your location, but ask a $25 travel fee to cover my gas and travel time.
  • How much is it?  A personal appointment is $60 which includes either both hands (tops or palms) or both feet hennaed in the traditional style. Pregnant bellies can be done for $60-100 depending on how intricate you’d like to go.  You can divide the $60 minimum amongst a few people, if several others want to join you for simpler designs.
  • If you’d like to host a henna party, suggest that your guests bring $5-25 for their own designs. OR for large parties, the hostess may hire me for $75 per hour.  If you need me to travel to you for a henna party, I charge a $25 travel fee.
  • Bridal mehandi — tops of hands and palms past the wrists, and feet past the ankle, done in the elaborate traditional style, is $150 and up. Not all brides prefer the traditional henna look; please call me if you would prefer something less elaborate!
  • Missed appointments & last minute cancelations will be charged a $25 fee.
  • Manicures / Pedicures should be done at your convenience BEFORE your appointment with me.  The exfoliation process and chemicals used at nail salons will make your henna wear away faster if you get your manicure after your henna!
  • What’s the best way to reach me?  I have a toddler… texting is the fastest way to get in touch with me!
  • Are you on Facebook?  For professional purposes and my own personal privacy, NO, I am not on Facebook.  I do still have a myspace page for henna.  That page is http://www.myspace.com/starlightmehndi

Please read this before you call me:

  • I do traditional Indian & Persian inspired designs only. Found a design online you think is great? Ok, well we can incorporate it into an individual design for you, but I cannot copy it.
  • Want to see how a potential tattoo will look? Talk to your tattoo artist about that, unless you specifically want me to design an Indian or Middle Eastern style tattoo for you.
  • I don’t do “Beach” henna. Ok, ok, now you’re starting to think I’m a henna snob. I probably am; I’ve been doing this for over ten years. If you want a dolphin hennaed on your ankle, go to the beach.
  • If you’re going to use the words “black henna” “low back” “tribal” or “clothing-optional event” don’t call me.
  • If you seriously want your hands or feet painted in the traditional henna style, want to get together with your girlfriends, need an artist for a Bat Mitzvah, need Bridal henna or pregnant belly henna, then pretty please CALL ME!
(813) 404-0056 … you may call or text!

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