The art of henna painting, Mehndi, has existed for thousands of years as an empowering feminine artform celebrating creativity and prosperity. Henna is a natural dye traditionally applied to the hands and feet in elaborate patterns intended not only as body adornment, but also good fortune to the wearer. Henna’s use in body art began over 9,000 years ago in ancient Goddess worship across the Mediterranean.

Henna comes from the crushed leaves of the henna plant, which is cultivated in the dry, warm climates from North Africa to India. Starlight Mehndi imports from henna plantations and purveyors in India, Morocco, Pakistan, and Iran.

The traditional, homemade henna paste used by Starlight Mehndi Studios is made from fresh henna powder, lemon juice, and good quality essential oils such as tea tree or cajeput. These natural ingredients are blended together by the artist herself and are freshly prepared for each customer or event. Be confident that your henna is lovingly made by a professional artist who is respectful of traditional henna design, culture, and the thousands of years of women’s artistry henna represents. Henna’s ancient floral and geometric motifs are best enjoyed by a freehand artist who can make every henna design unique.

Thank you for choosing Starlight Mehndi Studios! I am available to be your henna artist for personal appointments, bridal henna, charity events and parties.



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